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Student Projects

 Student projects:


During the “Solar Car Race – Formula G” in  July 2006 ITU’s ARIba1 came first and ARIba2 was placed second. The race was supported by TUBİTAK Science and Technology Magazine (Bilim ve Teknik) and İzmir Automotive Society for the students.
Solar cars showed their success again in Formula G 2006 Istanbul Park stage and took the 1st and 2nd places by the best lap times among 18 finalists.


In April 2006, ITU ATA-7 became 5th among 49 teams and scored higher than such universities like MIT, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech at 10th International Unmanned Aircraft Design / Produce / Fly Contest which took place in US.

Besides, ATA-7 Unmanned Aircraft took the 3rd place for the lowest price and lightest structure.

Solar Boat

Solar Boat Team of ITU, named the first solar boat project of our country with the name of our heroic Çanakkale mining ship “Nusret”. Faculty of Naval Architecture.

On and Under water yacht

Architecture and Ocean Engineering took the 3rd place with the on & under water yacht design which was designed for the 6th Frame Work Program of EU .

Helicopter project

ITU’s team, consisting of master degree students, declared as Best New Entrant at the annual student design contest of AHS (American Helicopter Society).